Introducing Collection #01 (And What Took So Long)

Welcome to our first collection! We started designing this over a year ago, but the patterns are timeless and won't feel dated. Neither will the color twists we've added to each pattern.

But what took so long to complete this collection?

If you've followed along on Instagram you know we've been working on Folktails for two years now. And while "pivot" was the word of 2020, I pivoted so many times I was turning in circles.

When you want to do something that is unique sourcing the materials, creating the designs, and testing the durability takes a lot of time. And everything had to be ethically sourced from North American companies.

You'll notice each product has a transparent list of the materials used and where they were sourced from – something that is very important to us at Folktails.

Here are the four designs we created for our first launch:

Text: 1. Blueberry Leopard. Image: Blue leopard print collar with matching bow on marble background.Who decided "being blue" was a bad thing? This updated leopard print will only make you smile.

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Text: 2. Dalmatian. Image: Gray cat wears collar with large Dalmatian animal spot print flower.These chic spots go with everything – but they're faux so you're safe from Cruella. Phew!

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Text: 3. Lilac Leopard. Image: Black and silver dog wears a purple leopard print neck scarf with floating text of "rawr"One minute they're wild, the next sweet. That's kind of like this pattern.

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Text: 4. Sherbert Houndstooth. Image: Silver dog wears a houndstooth bow tie and sunglasses.A technicolor twist on a Scottish classic that's as attention-grabbing as your pet at 3 a.m.

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