3 Ways to Wear the Quick Change Bow

These bows are super versatile thanks to the two pieces of velcro that allow them to be attached anywhere (or easily swapped in or out). That's why we chose velcro over elastic for the attachment at the back.

Bows are kind of a signature look for us and we want everyone to be able to sport one if they want. Plus, I think they make your pet look like a new puppy or kitten again! ♥

Here's how we've been wearing our Dalmatian Quick Change Bow:

1. On Your Collar

Gray dog wears dalmatian print collar and bow. Text: Keep it classic.

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 The new puppy look you get from a bow is great for getting away with anything naughty.

2. On Your Harness

Gray dog wears Dalmatian print harness with bow. Text: Adventure chic.Shop QC Bow, Obedience Harness

If you're more of a harness pup who goes without a collar, this is the perfect way to still add a bow tie and a little extra style to your walk.

3. On Your Leash

Gray dog wears Dalmatian leash with bow. Text: On the go.Shop QC Bow, Multitasking Leash

If you are a biter of anything around your neck (there's a reason Archie has a tag that attaches to his collar), you can still pretty up your walk by adding a bow to your leash. Super sweet.

p.s. Our bows are made with sustainably sourced natural cotton fabric and printed with eco-friendly inks if you needed any more reason to give them a try.

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