Dog in profile wears martingale loop buckle collar with bow tie

Buckle Martingale Dog Collar (Upgrade)

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Our buckle martingale collars give you the security, control, and gentle tension you need for a safe walk while still being convenient to take on and off of your pup. Great for escape artists who like to back out of collars or pups who need a little more guidance on a walk.
We don't want to name names but this is Archie's go-to collar. (You didn't hear it from us).
✷ Snap on with quick release buckle. Fully adjustable.
✷ Martingale loop adds extra security and control without choking hazard of slip collars.
✷ Super-stitched with nylon thread for your pup's safety.
✷ Doesn't absorb moisture so it won't stain or stink.

To clean surface dirt, wash on the top rack of your dishwasher or in a pillowcase in your washing machine. Use a lighter or match to quickly touch up any frays. Can also be hand washed or spot cleaned with warm water and dish soap (use scrub brush for best results). Air dry.

Poly webbing (digitally printed in the U.S.)
Faux suede tag (made in Québec)
Hardware (sourced from a small business in the U.S.)

Only available as an upgrade in addition to the dog collar of your choice.